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Reno Attractions

The bright lights of the casinos will certainly keep you occupied while in Reno, but make sure to get out and experience some of the city's other attractions.

Fleischmann Planetarium

Fleischmann Planetarium

Fleischmann Planetarium
University of Nevada, (775) 784-4811, North Virginia Street (above Lawlor Event Center)
Part of the University of Nevada, Fleischmann Planetarium serves about 44,000 visitors and is well known for its Sky Dome Theatre, designed by famed Reno architect Ray Hellman. Read more about the Fleischmann Planetarium.

National Automobile Museum
10 Lake St. S., (775) 333-9300
Opened in 1989, the National Automobile Museum in Reno houses more than 200 antique, vintage, classic and special interest automobiles.

National Bowling Stadium
300 N. Center St., (775) 334-2695 The Los Angeles Times called it the "Taj Mahal of Tenpins" when it opened in 1995. The National Bowling Stadium is the only one of its kind in the world.

Nevada Museum of Art
160 W. Liberty St., (775) 329-3333
Founded in 1931, the Nevada Museum of Art is the oldest cultural institution in the state of Nevada. The new museum, designed by Will Bruder, opened in spring 2003.

Truckee Riverwalk Reno

Truckee Riverwalk

Raymond I. Smith Truckee Riverwalk
Downtown Reno, (775) 334-2077
The Riverwalk boasts numerous shops and entertainment venues for visitors, all along the Truckee River. Read more about the Truckee River.

The Reno Arch
North Virginia Street & Commercial Row, downtown Reno
The famous arch has gone through many transformations and has become one of the main photo stops for tourists.

Sierra Safari Zoo
10200 North Virginia St., (775) 677-1101
The Sierra Safari Zoo is home to more than 200 animals, including wallabys, big cats, monkeys, deer and zebra.

Mt. Rose Ski Resort
The closest Lake Tahoe skiing to Reno, Mt. Rose Ski Resort is 25 minutes from Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

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