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Reno, Nevada, or the "Biggest Little City in the World," is a hotbed for tourism because of its exciting gaming action, inexpensive hotels, good restaurants and array of outdoor activities. Reno is less than an hour from Lake Tahoe, which recently won the No. 1 spot in's Choice Destination Awards.

Local Guide to Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada, sign

Reno is the perfect place for travelers, whether on vacation or visiting for business, because it offers such a plethora of activities and has maintained its small-town appeal. Come to Reno not just for its attractive gambling scene at some of the country's top casinos, but also for world-class skiing, golf, hiking and water sports.

Popular Reno tourist spots include the National Automobile Museum, the Nevada Shakespeare Company, the Nevada Museum of Art and the Reno Arboretum at the University of Nevada.

One of the best times to visit Reno is in September, during the annual Great Reno Balloon Race, which draws together spectators to watch as pilots from all over the world bring their splendor to the Reno skies.


Reno History

Reno's history is a very interesting one. A booming mining town in the late 1800s, the city originally got its start in 1868 when a deal was struck between Myron Lake, who owned most of the land that is now Reno, and the Central Pacific Railway to establish a passenger and freight depot in the area in exchange for donating his land. Reno got its name from Jesse Reno, a Union general who was killed during the Civil War.

Once the mining boom ended in the early 1900s, Reno turned to other means to make money, namely gambling, prostitution and liberal divorce laws. People would come from all over seeking a divorce. Over time, Reno began selling its attractions, including outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and horseback riding.

In 1931, gambling was legalized in Reno, making it the hot tourist attraction it still is today. But, unlike Las Vegas, Reno isn't known solely for its flashy casinos and 24-hour gambling, but also for its cheap hotel deals, good restaurants and close proximity to outdoor mecca Lake Tahoe.

Fortune magazine considers Reno, Nevada, one of America's "top three booming towns". It's no wonder Las Vegas residents often move to Reno in pursuit of it's fast growing business opportunities.


When to Visit

The great thing about Reno is it's a year-round vacation destination. Whether you're visiting to hit the slopes or slots, Reno and nearby Lake Tahoe pretty much has it all.

Reno is never hurting for sunshine, but the ideal time to visit weather-wise is early summer to early fall when the skies are clear. There are two peak travel seasons -- mid-December to March and June to September.

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